Mix Technical Package

 mix Technical Package

In summary

The highs are a one of the most delicate areas and often tend to perform them incorrectly, not getting the desired results: we use too much force, are not particularly in tune, are too heavy, or our voice turns into a fine sound It comes up in my head.
Utilizing aware of the "MIX Technology" riusciremmo also get a more even voice, natural, controlled in a dynamic voice that knows well the joint text.
they have three meetings lasting 1h 30 hours of intensive training with Danila Satragno to learn the technique used in modern singing and learning the secrets of the big music as Annalisa, Ornella Vanoni, Giuliano Sangiorgi, Ghali, Jovanotti, and more ...
VocalCare® is the only codified form for the modern song that with a revolutionary approach, flexible and effective , educates and empowers the voice. One of the pillars of metologia, used by the great big Italian and international music, is the so-called "MIX Technology", main topic of the methodology that is to learn to control and obtain, naturally, a good balance between chest voice and voice head.