> You missed the lessons with the greatest writers and producers in the music? You bring them to...
2020-07-28 12:26:30
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Here comes the Vocal Camp Online

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Take your voice and your musical culture to the next level

> You missed the lessons with the greatest writers and producers in the music? You bring them to you at your home!

All you need to do is to log on our website vocalcare.app and choose the option that best fits your needs.

VocalCamp Online is a large and modern means to help you discover and develop the great potential of your voice, without losing precious time; come into contact with the greatest writers and producers, emerging artists, established artists; learn not only the technical but vocal performing arts visually enhance your performance. Learn the tricks of Garrison to switch the Friends auditions or Elena Dancers to be at the top front of the cameras, hear David Simonetta ​​strong> and Nicolo Fragile to make your novel a success, and hear the testimony of the young singer Cara (recentlycertifiedgoldwithFedez); hone your vocal chords and your interpretive world with Andrea Piovan the great voice of Barbara D'Urso, learn the secrets directly from Danila Satragno .
  • The key words of our Vocal Camp Online are : vocal technique, interpretation, emotion and communication to express yourself, with greater security and freedom.

not take much to give voice to your needs, to learn the latest techniques, to study in a targeted and efficient as required by paronoara current music.
But there's more. By subscribing to the lessons, you will have the opportunity to participate in the "VocalCare Talent Contest" the contest that will allow you to create a professional production of your song and / or cover and the technical and interpretive comments of a great big music!
What are you waiting for? Fly your voice and join the national VocalCamp Italy's most famous!


Information: [email protected]