Say "You are your own Voice" is not a simple statement. Assuming that our voice is an invaluable...
2020-06-23 16:23:35
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A fingerprint that identifies our Soul.

Say "You are your own Voice" is not a simple statement.
Assuming that our voice is an invaluable treasure house filled with countless secrets, I take this opportunity to introduce here in this space, a reflection that psychoanalytic technique of voice.
often on blogs, social and tv channels are talking about voice and vocal style and it is curious to note how it is done, sometimes inappropriately, and approximate, resulting trivialization and standardization of principles cornerstones of a instrument as complex and delicate. THE VOICE.
To make the most of the concept, I quote a line from a famous song: "There's a whole world around."
A world that inevitably interacts and affects the final yield of the spoken voice and sung, and for those of the voice makes his profession or passion, you can not omit, do not know or do not deepen in all its aspects.
With the voice we communicate, we seduce, conquer our goals, we fulfill ourselves, we reveal in all our facets and fragility and affirm our inter-relational capabilities.
The voice is there and it is reassuring entity that accompanies the seasons of our existence with all its large baggage of emotions: joy, sadness, fear, anxiety and more.
Ages with us in every sense. And 'ever-changing.
E 'as the soul for a string instrument. Without it does not vibrate, not ring and consequently does not transmit. It does not arrive.
The voice is the eternal romance between body, soul and mind.
It 'a matter of balance.
How this mix of balance can affect the success of our performance, relationships, and life?
Much, if not completely. Much it depends on our personality and how we approach to these factors, also determined by the character traits. (Shy, insecure, introverted, extroverted, self-centered, aggressive)
Those who decide to go on the stage must be aware that the item is a powerful weapon. If managed properly can become our best ally or otherwise, the worst enemy. In stressful situations, it teaches us to learn, to control and channeling consciously the tide of feelings that govern us and sometimes overwhelm us. It became introspective journey.
The item to be applied effectively, it must be studied.
How many times we realized that someone was sad or upset while telling us something? And how many more we recognized authority or serenity in a person we only heard over the phone?
As mentioned, the voice is not just a set of sounds that convey a meaning.
The voice is first of all the expressive instrument par excellence, the main means by which we communicate and express our emotions and all that information relating to non-verbal aspects of communication ..
As for writing, understanding is not given by the simple addition of the words, but it is supported by other elements, punctuation, and in one case, rhythm, emphasis and tone of voice in the other.
The voice is a constant presence that accompanies and identifies our ego.
Strangely, however, most of us now feels so obvious.
do not give the proper attention and care.
Averne care involves taking a series of habits and rules. Having a healthy lifestyle definitely help to preserve and maintain the healthy and long-lasting use. But sometimes one "emotional state" compromise can interfere in asymptomatic and cause dysfunction of the voice.
addition to the many diseases caused by malmenage, in the role of coach, often there is also treat "diseases involuntary".
You might ask: What are these?
Involuntary pathologies are all those malfunctions / impediments not due to a real problem of functional organic voice but by triggering elements such as, for example, as mentioned previously, the psycho-emotional state.
Every moment of our life is shaped by multiple shades of feelings and moods. This results in constant changes even at body level with the distortion of the conquered muscle balance.
So, psychological stress, emotional trauma, negative emotional state, if not properly treated, the long run can cause blockages, functional organic dysfunction and actual conditions of the voice as psychogenic dysphonia, vocal breaks, sudden drop volume in issue etc ..
Reaching a state of psycho-physical and emotional well-being is very important for a healthy voice and freedom of Vocal Care and we will not forget, but we constantly work to an increasingly more advanced methodology with order to expand the potential of this wonderful tool and put it to the service of our students.
We hope to have aroused in you a little bit of interest, I invite you to experience these areas to better understand how important it is to know and manage mastered our voice in three dimensions. Dissect the resources related to the emotional sphere in the sung and spoken voice function will surely give you a vision of the deepest and most enthralling song. Multi-sensory experience both for those who practice it to the listener allowing the flow of vibrations and energies.
My name is Maria Antonietta Di Nardo, is a pianist, singer, music teacher, tutor Vocal Care but also founder and artistic director of Musiklab Academy of San Teodoro.
Cultural Association, School of Music and Performing Arts - Sardinia