I consider myself a singer and a vocal coach because so lucky, fate, wished I knew the method...
2020-05-28 11:55:50
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Vocal Care for "re-educate" and "Learning to Communicate"

Daniela Caggiano

I consider myself a singer and a vocal coach because so lucky, fate, wished I knew the method "Vocal Care" in 2004 when I started my training course at the Conservatory in Cuneo. Since then it has been the guardian angel of my voice. We adopt this methodology also with my students with effective results and surprising. For some time now I teach privately and I am especially of entries to "re-educate". Very often they come to me people who worked too much with their voice without a good technical support. Mainly these are people who have sung for years in a band or in both amateur and professional choirs, but they still intense singing activity made not only evidence but also of many concerts.
Even from the early teachings, Vocal Care, gave me a passion for healthy voice, the voice that never gets tired, his voice with the athleticism of an athlete, runs the best evidence and concerts, but above all he taught me how important it is to have by my side a team of professionals that can provide the best to the voices of my students. I'm talking about doctors phoniatricians, throat specialist ENT specialists, physiotherapists and osteopaths and speech therapists. For years, I collaborate with the hospital in my area and I deal mainly continue speech therapy courses including post surgery. The singer with whom I begin the sessions has therefore completed a rehabilitation program with speech therapist and me begins to explore the world of voice teaching, diaphragmatic breathing, so as to preserve as much voice as possible in time and not come across more problematic important and difficult to resolve as those already experienced. But having a healthy voice is beautiful is a request that often comes from ordinary school teachers, rather than by managers or those who make a daily work in contact with the audience and talk a lot.
I firmly believe that those he uses his voice is to sing, to pray or simply to work must, without hesitation, relying on a good methodology which maintains the tonal characteristics, but better quality these peculiarities giving voice to the strength and endurance. If we want to sum it all up in two words "Vocal Care" is what you need.
Another aspect of this discipline that concerns me for many years is linked to the childlike voice , often considered one of the items less problematic because instinctive and why it thinks the baby is basically a resourceful individual. Did you know that the nodular impact on children is much higher than adults? The children in fact, precisely because they have no rules, they scream and they use very bad voice, at school with his friends, playing in the yard, they do not call the parent running up to him, rather than screaming from room to room. All this can become for their teaching even by small, a natural way of learning to communicate, that always support should be taught in schools like any other subject. In short, "we teach our children how to speak and communicate" without fatigue, the result will be a sing well!
My educational experiences for children start at three years (earlier if in kindergarten small two and a half years are included), and over time I have gathered exercises and songs in books brought not only a teacher but also mom and dad. The difference with adults, is to create guidelines that are appropriate to their physicality and tender age, a method that does not create efforts but relaxing moments and fun. Indeed my courses are simple and creative and also to teach children how to use the voice breathing correctly using the diaphragm, but above all give room for imagination and play: With a little 'ingenuity and imagination everything can become music! The children are curious and looking for constant stimuli. Music and singing are therapeutic as well as learning methods that allow them to gain confidence and personality. Getting to know your voice is a way to play with your body to discover new sounds and emotions.
Do not be afraid to give this opportunity to our young, all the kids want to sing and enchant when they hear do! The age to begin is not established is actually an instinct on them and then propose to deepen the art can only be good. The hardest thing to maintain is the continuity, or encourage them to finish the trail began to see the results and preparation, only then will perhaps decide that music is their passion, which is why the role of the parent who them supports is critical.
The wonder is that the children through song are formed not only as artists but as individuals and prepare to face the world!
Daniela Caggiano
DC Voice Vocal Coaching - Bra, Cuneo
email: [email protected]
website: www .scuoladicantodanielacaggiano.it
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