v> My name Genni Loreto and I work at the School "Atmosphere ASD Dance and Song" in the province...
2020-05-28 11:54:58
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AlKids and Vocal

The music opens the mind to the imagination and helps them achieve


v> My name Genni Loreto and I work at the School "Atmosphere ASD Dance and Song" in the province of Savona.
am a mother as well as a voice teacher, and a couple of years ago ', while I was doing my daily vocal warm-up helping me with the piano, I noticed that my daughter, that all' age had five years, he looked at me curiously. As I finished
train approached the instrument and tried to repeat the exercises sounding notes and doing vocals in his own way.
what so it intrigued me, and since that time I was just a student, I started to follow lessons with the children assisting other teachers, to document and to read books on the subject.
Because even I, like many parents said "But at this age are too small ... is not that ruin the vocal cords?"
And no, it is not so, and explain why you.
With a good voice teaching method suitable for children and especially studied and effective, do not ruin the voice indeed, they learn to use it properly since smaller.
They then became Tutor Vocal Care, the Danila method Satragno Vocal Coach of many famous Big.
method studied and perfected by herself over the years, for the wellbeing of the voice, for the maintenance and proper functioning of the vocal cords even at a very young age.
With Vocal Care method I understand to be able to teach young students not only to make good use of the voice, valuable tool that will serve him throughout his life, but I can teach them proper BREATHING, a good Posture, and especially to understand them how to use the VOICE, sung or spoken.
so I created with my daughter, who is now 7 years and sings with me for almost two years, a group of young artists (6-14 years), and I started with them a rich path of curiosity, colors, sounds and emotions.
With my experience and imagination and their desire to learn, I gave them space to discuss, to listen and listen to others, making him understand the different sounds together, the voice tones different between males and females, and above all I tried and I am trying to teach him that it is very important to take care of the vocal cords, the body, pay attention to food and the standard of living, even if they are small. The Vocalkids method is a guarantee for our children.
The students come from the lectures happy and can not wait to come back to make me feel their progress and how they have improved the achievement of a sound than the previous time.
Who knows, maybe by big will the SINGERS, the SPEAKER RADIO LAWYERS ... or do any job with the right teaching will always have a beautiful voice and be sure never to be hurt.
Enroll your children in our courses if you see that he likes to sing or are intrigued by the music.
Do not be afraid to get hurt on his vocal chords.
Vocalcare Kids method will take care of their little voices.
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Genni Loreto
[email protected]
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